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Jun. 18th, 2012

*dusts off journal*

Oh hey look who's back! 8D

I doubt most of my followers are still here (part of why I haven't been on here in a while), but to those of you who still are, hi! I'm not dead. I've just mostly relocated to Tumblr (http://jadedahlia.tumblr.com). Feel free to follow me on there if you want.
So I met Stan Lee, Todd McFarlane, and Jon Goff at New York Comic Con today. Which was pretty awesome. =3 Also I got issues #0-2 of Blood Red Dragon for attending the signing (and got issue 0 signed by Stan, Todd and Jon), and decided to go ahead and give it another chance since I had it now. And despite some of my previous rants in here about it, the comic is actually quite good.

Even though the art is occasionally very wonky, there is some pretty impressive work in there too. And while I was concerned about sexism because of Tracy’s outfit, she’s actually a decent character. Also there’s two other superheroines who help her out and stuff. Though in one issue one of them is named Monica and suddenly in the next issue Tracy calls her Megan, lolwut.

Long story short, despite my reservations I actually think that while it’s not perfect, Blood Red Dragon is still worth checking out, and I apologize to the creators for being so adamantly against it before. ^^”

Oh, and about the stuff I said about trying to get hired to work on the comic? There’s only one issue of it left, so there aren’t any more jobs available, but I’m glad I at least asked about it. XD”

Btw I also saw the premiere of Once Upon a Time at the convention and oh my god it's fantastic so far! Seriously, everyone needs to watch this show. The pilot episode airs on October 23rd at 8 PM on ABC. Watch iiiiiiit.
So I was kinda looking forward to that show "American Horror Story" because in the last year or so I've gotten really into horror stories. However, I just found out it's created by two of the writers of Glee.

Seeing as I'm still boycotting Glee, I don't know if I'd feel comfortable watching this show now. =\

However that "Once Upon a Time" show still looks really interesting, especially because I love fairy tales. =3

Btw have I mentioned I'm super into Community now? It's probably the best thing on television. Everyone go watch it. =P It's on NBC on Thursdays at 8.

I met Alton Brown!!

He was doing a book signing at the Barnes and Noble in Union Square. =3 I also ran into khaoskinema304 there, so we hung out before the Q&A (which was hilarious btw, basically everything Alton said cracked me up XD). Then I had to run around and find a book to get signed and then pay for it because I didn’t bring the books of his that I already had. Doh. But it’s okay because the book I bought has a recipe for candy corn. =D Plus a bunch of other awesome recipes, but that deserved a special mention. =P

So after waiting in line for a while, I finally got to go meet him. We said hi at the same time then shook hands. He complimented my Chrome Hearts shirt (“Nice Chrome Hearts shirt! Expensive, but nice!”), and I told him something like “You’re awesome. You probably hear that a lot but you are”. And he was like “I do hear it a lot, but not enough to believe it yet”. XD Then me and everyone else still in line laughed.

Then I told him his French Toast recipe was the best french toast I’ve ever had (actually said it was “the French” instead of “the best” by accident at first but I corrected myself XD”), and he added “…By a non-French guy”, lol. Then we took a photo. =3 We also said goodnight to each other at the same time. XD”

I’ll post pics later of his autograph and the photo. =)

Also it was raining when I left so I got soaked on the way back to my place, but it was so worth it. And it’s a good thing I happened to have a plastic bag for the book. XD”
"Were you worried about the Asperger joke at all? That seemed to garner a strong reaction among some viewers.

No, I wasn't. I think that's something Glee does very well. It talks about and addresses and touches on issues that are very sensitive to most people, but having the issues talked about on such a high-exposure show, it bring things to people's conversation. I like that a lot about Glee.


Okay, there goes any respect I may have had for the actress who plays Sugar. =\

Raising awareness of the issue/"bringing things to people's conversation" means nothing if it's done in a way that reflects it in an extremely negative light, not to mention an inaccurate one.

A lot of people actually missed the part of the joke where Sugar said that she was "self-diagnosed", or maybe heard it and just took it to mean that she actually had Asperger's regardless (while browsing through recaps of this episode of Glee, at least half of them referred to Sugar as "the girl with Asperger's").

Glee has done irreversible damage to the Asperger's/Autism community, and that the actress has no idea how hurtful it was makes it that much worse.
Okay, I've been a fan of Glee for a while, but last night's episode had a segment that was so completely offensive to me that I don't think I can continue watching the show in good conscience.

The scene in question had a girl named Sugar who claimed that she had "self-diagnosed Asperger Syndrome" and could therefore say whatever she wanted. She then proceeded to be a complete bitch, and also the only character on the show thus far who can't sing.

A lot of people are saying that because she says it's "self-diagnosed" it's okay because the show isn't actually making fun of people who really do have Asperger Syndrome. But as someone who actually has Asperger's myself I can say that no, it is not okay. It still perpetuates the negative stereotype of "Oh, Asperger's doesn't exist, it's just an excuse people use to act bitchy and mean to people". Which couldn't be farther from the truth, by the way.

Asperger's is already incredibly misunderstood enough as it is. A show like Glee, which is supposed to be about tolerance and embracing diversity, could have used their platform to increase people's understanding of it. Instead, they chose to play it for laughs, in a way that wasn't even remotely funny. It doesn't help that a lot of people who watched the show missed the "self-diagnosed" part of the line and thought Sugar was representing people with actual Asperger's. Or that part of being an Aspie involves often missing social cues, so other people on the Autism spectrum who watched the show may have taken it at face value.

I really don't see how Glee can redeem itself after this, unless the writers make a public apology for going completely against the message of the show and excluding a group of people for the sake of making a cheap joke.
So the FTM show in Ft. Lauderdale, which I was going to go to in three days, was just canceled. ;^; Worst part? It was because of that STUPID hurricane which ALREADY PASSED THROUGH HERE so it couldn't possibly hurt them. =\ And I was only looking forward to that concert ALL SUMMER.

This year sucks.
Nope, I haven't abandoned LJ. The main reason I haven't been on here in a while is because my laptop broke. Yup, second one in two years cause I really am that clumsy apparently. =\ Idek exactly how it happened, except that there were already some issues with it, and somehow when I took it with me for my family vacation to Aspen, the screen got cracked. D=

Also I'm pretty sure my copy of Dum Spiro Spero has arrived at my house by now, except that since I'm in Aspen I can't listen until I get back. Furthermore, my parents put the mail on hold, so technically we have to wait another day or two extra. In other words, even though my copy shipped out early, I don't get to actually hear it until the 15th. ;^;

Other than that, my trip's been going pretty well so far. I'm going to be doing a 5-day art workshop next week, and it's being taught by a teacher from my college that I never got the chance to take a class with, but I'd heard lots of good things about him. So I'm excited about that. =3

And in less than a month I get to see Fair to Midland again! =D Not sure if I mentioned yet how amazing Arrows and Anchors is, but it's amazing. Really, really amazing. Also I still think it's neat how the venue I'm seeing them at in Ft. Lauderdale is also the same venue where I saw them open for Dir en grey four years ago. =3

Jul. 23rd, 2011

And now I can say I've "read" Blood Red Dragon issue 0 thanks to this video on Youtube. XD Some kind person decided to read the comic and hold the pages up while filming it so I didn't have to bother actually getting a copy. =P Also her snarky commentary while reading made the painfully cheesy writing bearable. XD"

Looks like my assessments from yesterday's post were right. Also I knew there was something bugging me about the audience in the first page with the concert, and I figured it out; almost all of them are guys! Wtf, at least half the fanbase in real life are chicks. Guess it's just another example of sexism in this comic. =\ Also inaccurate is the part with the fans complaining about waiting and being in a thunderstorm because irl we're dedicated enough to be all "FUCK THAT SHIT, WE'RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE". =P Also we would be a LOT more concerned if Yoshiki got struck by lightning. D=

And did they really need like 5+ pages at the beginning to drill into our heads how ~*EVUL*~ this "Oblivion" group or whatever is? I mean really, we get it, ok?
As an aspiring comic artist and X Japan fan, I feel obligated to post my thoughts on Yoshiki's comic project, "Blood Red Dragon". He's collaborating with Stan Lee and Todd McFarlane on it. Sounds incredibly promising, right?

Unfortunately, there are some serious, serious issues from what I've seen so far. I will admit, I haven't read the actual comic yet, so maybe it's better than it sounds, but I've seen enough to gather some initial impressions.

Long rant/'review' aheadCollapse )

So basically, this looks like a hot mess that I can't believe it took three people to come up with, particularly people like Stan Lee, Yoshiki and Todd McFarlane, who are all generally well-respected and talented people. Seriously guys, what happened? D=

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