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Yoinked this from chopsticknitter:

Name: Becki
Birthplace: Miami, Florida
Birthday: July 19, 1989
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Brown (they look gold-ish in the sunlight, though. =D And they were apparently dark blue when I was a baby. o.o)
Hair Color: Dark brown
Height: 5'6" last I checked, but people keep saying they think I've grown. O_o
Righty or Lefty: Lefty
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Elemental Sign: Water
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Snake

Your heritage: Basically all-American. XD" My great-grandparents were from Russia and Poland, though, and I have a really really distant relative (as in someone who lived in the 1600's) who came to America from Switzerland. ^^
The shoes you wore today: None. I didn't leave the house. XD"
Your fears: Rejection, failure, being alone forever, tornadoes, thunderstorms, and losing anyone important to me. @_@
Your perfect meal: A bunch of desserts that were 100% guaranteed to not make me gain weight. XD"
Goal you'd like to achieve: Work for Yoshiki! =D Or at least be friends with him. XD

What is...
Your first thought waking up?: Usually something along the lines of "Ugh...I'm so tired. Can I go back to sleep now?". XD"
Your best physical feature?: My eyes I guess. o.o
Your bedtime?: I try to go to bed around midnight-ish, but last year I usually went to sleep between 2 and 4 AM. XD"
Your most missed memory?: All the amazing experiences I've had in LA. <3
The weirdest question you've ever been asked?: The only one I can think of at the moment was one time where some guy asked me "Are you in college?" when I was twelve. O_o

Do you prefer...
Pepsi or Coke?: Coke, but both are fine. XD
McDonald's or Burger King?: I like the ice cream at McDonald's, but that's about it. o.o
Single or group dates?: I wouldn't know. o.o
Adidas or Nike?: Whichever I guess. o.o
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea?: I don't drink either of those. XD"
Chocolate or vanilla?: Both. XD
Cappuccino or coffee?: I don't drink either of these either. XD"

Do/Did you...
Smoke?: Nope. o.o
Cuss?: I try not to, but I tend to do it a lot when I get upset. XD"
Sing?: Yup. =D Not too often around other people, though, unless it's karaoke with friends or something. XD
Take a shower?: Definitely. o.o
Have a crush?: Yup. XD
Think you've been in love?: Yup. Only of the unrequited kind, though. D=
Want to go to college?: I'm in college. But I want to transfer to a different one. XD"
Like high school?: The first three years were okay (albeit overly easy for the most part), but senior year was HELL. D=
Want to get married?: Maybe some day.
Get motion sickness?: Nope. o.o
Think you're attractive?: Sometimes. XD Other days not so much. D=
Think you're a health freak?: Nope, but I am on Weight Watchers. XD"
Get along with your parent(s)?: Pretty much. XD"
Play an instrument?: Piano, guitar, and drums. =D I'm pretty much an advanced beginner at all of these, though. XD" Oh, and vocals if that counts. =D
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