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So in a burst of inspiration, I wrote the first part of my Cinderella story (which needs a proper title by the way, so feel free to make suggestions XD"). XD If you guys like it enough, I'll keep writing it. =D Here's Chapter One:

"If there is anyone in this room who does not believe these two should be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace."

As these words were uttered, I wanted so desperately to shout "No, dad! You're making a mistake!". But I couldn't. I saw the smile on my father's face as he gazed into my soon-to-be stepmother's dark grey eyes. He hadn't smiled like that since before mom died. This was his chance to be happy again, and I wasn't about to be the one to ruin that for him.

There was an uncomfortable silence in the room before the words "You may kiss the bride".

Even though it's been five years since that day, I still remember it so clearly. It was the day my life changed completely. My stepmother, or "Mistress" as she prefers me to call her, took over our house almost immediately. My father, who was so deeply in love with her, couldn't refuse her, no matter how outrageous her demands were. Well, with one exception. At first, he hated the idea of me working as her personal servant.

"Desdemona, you shouldn't be treating Cindy this way. Can't your son and daughter assist you?"
"Oh, they're young. They shouldn't have to worry about work yet."
"But they're Cindy's age!"
"Oh, is that so? If I remember correctly, Cindy's birthday is in July, while Adrian's birthday is in September and Leila's is in October. Therefore she's older than them."

Father soon realized that there was no use arguing with Mistress, and so I became the designated maid of the house. Leila and Adrian, my step-siblings, took full advantage of this and often made a mess on purpose just to give me extra work to do. They would spill food on the floors, leave the faucets of the bathtub on until the water overflowed, and even spray paint the walls, just to name a few things.

They even started calling me "Cinderella", like the girl from the fairy tale. I couldn't help noticing then how similar my situation was to Cinderella's. I even had a similar name- Cindy Ellen. Ellen was my mother's name. With each passing day, I continued to miss her terribly, but I began to worry that my father had all but forgotten her.

(Edit- Critiques are welcome and encouraged, especially since I'm probably a bit rusty since I don't write stories very often. XD" Oh, and chances are if I continue this, I'll try to make the chapters a bit longer. XD)

(Edit 2- chopsticknitter gave me the awesome idea to use a stepbrother or two instead of two stepsisters. XD I still need a stepsister for something that happens later, though, so I went with one stepbrother and one stepsister. ^^)
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