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I'd consider getting a second Ball Joint Doll within the year just so I can get this wig for it. XD It's so very hide-ish. *_*

By the way, the BJD I ordered already arrived at my house today. =D Once I get home for Thanksgiving break, I'm going to work on modeling it after Yoshiki. XD

If I do end up getting another BJD (and I probably wouldn't until a] I get to spend time with my Barron/Yoshiki one and b] I can make sure I have enough money left over at the end of the school year to buy a second BJD XD"), I'm trying to decide which one I should get between this one, and this one. ^^ Which one do you guys think looks the most like hide? o.o Face shape-wise and facial feature-wise, by the way, since the dolls come with different wigs and don't have eyesbrows/makeup painted on like in those photos (unless you specifically ask for it, which I won't be doing). XD"

And two BJDs total (in other words, the one I have already and the one I might order to model after hide) will definitely be my limit, considering the price of these things. XD"

By the way, I finally saw WALL-E today and it was awesome. =D Pixar = WIN. <3
Tags: bjd, hide, movies, yay, yoshiki

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