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So I left for the show about 20 minutes before it was supposed to start, since I had homework to do and I happen to live across the street from the venue. XD" It was nice knowing I'd get to go to Blender Theater again, especially since I'd just gone to Kinokuniya the day before. Hooray for all the amazing memories of the Juno Reactor concert and meeting Sugizo and Ben. =DDD

Anyway, I was able to pretty much go straight to the equivalent of second row when I got there, even though lots of people had shown up, because it wasn't like everyone was super eager to be up front like at most concerts I go to. XD" I was able to stay there the whole time too, because people in the audience weren't really pushing anyone at all. =D The venue's "No moshing or crowdsurfing" rule probably helped. XD

After a few minutes of standing there, I realized I forgot to bring my camera and silently cursed myself for it. D= I could have just gone back to my dorm since it was so close by and there was time before the show was going to start, but I remembered that the last time I did that, they said I wasn't really supposed to leave the venue after I went in for the show. o.o

I was too shy to talk to the people around me, but I overheard one guy tell the two girls in front of me that tomorrow was Ogre's birthday (in other words, it's today XD). =D

On the stage, there was a video screen set up in front of the stage, and all the instruments behind it. I assumed it would be only for the intro, and then the curtain would come down and the concert would go on the way most concerts do. XD" But the video was really long. Like, 30 minutes, and I'm not even exaggerating. XD" But it was an awesome video. Really neat visual effects. =D I was just confused because I was getting worried that the whole concert would be like this. XD" Oh, and the band was playing the music for it live behind the screen, by the way. ^^

Then there was a 30 minute break while the instruments were being tuned and the screen was taken down and other setup-type-stuff happened. XD" Then the lights went off and the band came back onstage. =D

When Ogre came out, he was wearing a really neat costume. He had a giant black cloak with "organs" splattering out (not REAL organs of course XD") and a white mask that looked like it was made of melted wax. It had two black goggle-lens-type-eyes. And it was on the back of his head. But he was facing away from us for the first few songs, to give the effect of his head being on backwards. I was on the right side of the audience, though, so I saw him in profile view, and I could see there was a plastic face over his own face. ^^

There was also another video screen set up behind the band, showing really bright, colorful videos. Since the projector was on the other side of the room, sometimes part of the video would show up over Ogre and possibly the other band members (I was staring at Ogre practically the whole time, most likely because he has amazing stage presence XD").

Over the next few songs (and all of the music was super awesome by the way!), he gradually removed the costume. I think by the second song, he'd hung the coat on a hanger that was there since before the show started. I'd been wondering what the hanger was for. XD" I also noticed at this point that there was a camera attached to the coat and facing the audience. I wonder if I was being filmed? XD

Then when he took off the mask (and hung it up on top of the coat XD), he was wearing another mask. XD This one was a green plastic one that only covered the top half of his face. And then he removed that one shortly after revealing it, and we finally got to see his face. XD He was wearing makeup that looked like a cross between Pavi from Repo (which makes sense since he was the actor for Pavi XD) and DarkKnight!Joker. Probably leaning more towards Joker, though. XD But yeah, between the Pavi-ish makeup and the organs on the coat, I have a feeling parts of his costumes were influenced by Repo. ^^ Unless he made those costumes before working on Repo or something. XD

Oh, and he was wearing a tanktop under the costume, so I got a good view of his arms. He has very nice arms. =D They're buff, without being overly muscle-y, and there's a few cool-looking tattoos on each arm. XD

Also, between the time that he removed the coat and when he removed the white wax-y mask, he did something awesome: he started grabbing cameras from people in the audience and then taking pictures of himself with them! XD This is when I REALLY started to wish I had my camera with me. D=

There was also a song early on where Ogre kept blowing feathers at the audience during the song. I actually caught one. =D And of course I put it in my pocket immediately. XD The feathers kept kind of floating around for the duration of the show, especially since some audience members, including the girls in front of me, decided to blow some of the feathers back at him. XD

Now, back to that guy from earlier who knew Ogre's birthday was coming up. There was one point between songs where things were quiet for some reason (well, relatively quiet I guess XD"), and when Ogre happened to walk towards our side of the stage, that guy shouted out "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" and Ogre thanked him. =D So that was pretty neat. ^^

At one point, I noticed some girl doing this really freaking weird dance. The best way I can describe it is that she looked like she was limping in place. O_o She was completely off-rhythm with the music, too. And she kept pushing into one of the girls in the front row, who at one point asked that girl to get off of her back. One of the girls directly in front of me, who was right next to that girl, started pushing weird-dancer-girl away. Pretty hard, too. But understandably, because I know I'd be annoyed in that situation, too. o.o

Another song started and the girl was still doing the weird dance. On top of that, this next song was essentially a BALLAD. I don't know who the hell would dance like she did under ANY circumstances without looking moronic, but it definitely doesn't make sense to dance like that during a freaking ballad. O_o She looked even more off-rhythm now, too. Like, by a LOT. I wonder if she was drunk or something. o.o Anyway, the girl in front of me kept pushing that girl, and it looked like a fight was going to break out, but birthday dude called a security guard over, and the guard dragged potentially-drunk-weird-dancer-girl out of the pit. So luckily that was taken care of, and I could go back to enjoying the concert. XD"

A few songs later, the band left the stage, and then came back for an encore after a few minutes. The encore seemed pretty short, so I think they only played one or two songs. If anyone reading this knows if they played more, let me know. Maybe it just seemed short to me because I wanted the concert to last as long as possible. XD"

The show ended, and I headed straight to the souvenir stand to go buy their CD. While waiting in the "line", I noticed a stack of Repo posters. When I found out they were free, of course I grabbed one. XD And then the rest of them were gone in, like, two minutes or so. XD" Turns out that later people found out there were more Repo posters in the box that was under the first batch of posters, but that first batch disappeared very quickly. XD So that was awesome. =D Also, someone handed me a flyer saying that there was an afterparty, but it was too far away, I still had homework to do, and it was only for people 21 and older. D= So I bought my CD and left.

But yeah, overall it was super special awesome (especially because of the free Repo poster. XD Which was so huge I barely had wall space for it, but whatev XD). I hope ohGr (and/or Skinny Puppy) come back to NYC soon~! =DDDD
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