March 12th, 2008

Losing faith in humanity

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I got this e-mail from the Human Rights Campaign, and just had to share.

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This Sally Kern woman is ignorant and hateful and should be put out of office immediately. >_> All of her comments as to why she's so dead-set against gays are completely stupid, too. I mean, how can a society that embraced homosexuality have only existed for a few decades when there hasn't even BEEN a society like that yet? And what's with the ridiculous notion that all gays are pedophiles, too?

On a lighter note, Spring Break has been pretty awesome so far. Busy, but awesome. XD I got a great new haircut today. ^_^ I'll post pictures when I get back to NYC. ^^

And in exactly two weeks I'll be flying to Japan, and then going to my first X Japan concert 2 days later! ♥ *psyched*

Speaking of X Japan concerts, I finally have my "X Japan Returns" box set! ^_^ *Goes to watch that* XD