March 31st, 2008


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Just got back from Japan! ^^ I'm uber jet-lagged, but also happy because I just had the BEST WEEKEND EVER! *_*

My report on the X Japan concerts is on the way. I kept a notebook with me during the trip to write down every detail, including the set lists as they were happening, so technically I've already written everything, but I just need to type it and straighten it out a bit so it's coherent. XD" I also went to a bunch of other awesome places while I was in Japan, so I'll be posting stuff about that in the reports, too. ^^

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Quick update on my concert report writing: I've finished writing about everything that happened up to the end of Night of Destruction (3/28). I'm going to be kind of busy doing catch-up work for school for the next few days, though, so it might take a little while to finish the full report, especially since I'm writing about more than just the concerts. ^^"

So, should I post about each of the days separately, so you guys won't have to wait as long to read about the concerts? Or should I just go ahead and make one big, long post so you can read it all at once? XD