May 19th, 2008

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So yesterday my friend Kaley slept over, and today we decided to watch Saw 4 since she saw the first 3 but hadn't seen the fourth one yet. XD She had to leave shortly after we finished watching the movie, but I spent most of the day watching all the extras, because I heard there was more Yoshiki-related stuff besides the I.V. music video. XD" At the very end of the producers' audio commentary on the movie, they thank Yoshiki and X Japan for the theme song! =D They also go on to call Yoshiki a "genius", and say to check out more of his work in Repo (Yoshiki mixed all the songs for Repo and was also the producer for most of them, by the way). XD They mis-pronounced his name to sound like "Yo-SHEE-kee" instead of "YO-shi-ki", but because they said so many positive things about him, I can forgive them. XD

So yeah, totally worth watching about 4-5 hours of DVD extras even if just for those thirty seconds of Yoshiki/X Japan praise. XD But the rest of the extras were really interesting, too. ^^ For example, I learned that they used at least three different full-body casts in the movie. o.o

Also, watching the movie again and hearing the commentary (there were two different sets of audio commentary by the way- one with the producers and one with the director and the lead actor) also made it easier to understand the plot of the movie (which I mostly grasped anyway, but this made it even clearer). XD