July 6th, 2008

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I'm not even a sports fan, but because my dad is, I somehow ended up watching the Wimbledon final with him today. XD It was by far the best tennis match I've ever seen. o.o And I'm not alone in that. My dad, who's been watching Wimbledon since he was, like, 12, said the same thing. XD And even people in the news are already saying that game will definitely go down in history. Federer and Nadal were so evenly matched and so amazingly good at playing tennis that as far as I'm concerned, they're both winners. XD

Anyway, this week I started taking drum lessons with my friend Noni's dad. =D I'm really enjoying it! For the most part, it's surprisingly natural for me to play drums. o.o I'm not perfect yet of course, but I'd like to think I'm pretty good for a beginner. XD

Noni's entire family is awesome, by the way. <3 I was playing Life (yes, the board game XD) with her, her brother, and her uncle (he and her aunt happened to be visiting today), and it was so much fun. XD We kept making fun of how the game forced everyone to get married (No civil unions? No being single for life? What about just moving in together with someone?), and pretended the little people in the cars were random characters (for example Noni's character was a black man, and mine was Angelina Jolie because she ended up with four kids, two who were adopted, and she was an entertainer because that was the Career card I picked). XD

Also, my friend Laura told me about a show called Torchwood yesterday, and I watched part of the first episode. It's really good so far. <3 And there's a canon gay couple! Yay! =D *yaoi fangirl*

Oh, and about my posts yesterday, I feel a little better after reading this. ^^