August 3rd, 2008

hide awesome

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I've never seen this show, but I love the fact that it sounds like it's been causing positive social change in the Middle East. ^^

In other news, I went to Yasumi Con and got three hide DVDs and one X Japan DVD~! =DDDDD Namely Film The Psychommunity Reel 2, Seventeen Clips, Seven Clips + Hurry Go Round, and the X Blue Blood Tour Bakuhatsu Sunzen Gig. =D They had a few other X Japan/hide DVDs at that booth, but the rest were ones I had already (except for one, and the reason I didn't buy it was because I wanted to wait to get the "X Visual Shock" DVD box set that it comes in, but I just now realized that the Blue Blood gig I got is part of that box set, too, so I could have gone ahead and bought it anyway. |D" FAIL on my part. D= But hey, maybe I can convince my parents to take me back to Yasumi Con tomorrow and hope nobody else bought it yet XD").

I was there with my friend Laura, by the way, who wanted to watch some of the anime movies they were showing (one of which was Batman: The Gotham Knight [not to be confused with The Dark Knight], which I had seen already XD"). They didn't end up showing either of them, but we did end up watching five episodes of Mushi-shi (dubbed XD"), and it's pretty good so far. =D