August 25th, 2008


(no subject)

Going back to NYC tomorrow~! =DDD

Ironically, even though I was dreading coming back to Miami for the summer, now I kind of don't want to leave. XD" I'm going to miss my family, and especially my dog Lucky (I can always talk to my parents and my sister on the phone, but I have no real way to contact Lucky since she can't talk D=).But I'm also looking forward to being in NYC again, even if I'm not-so-much looking forward to the school part. XD" But things are actually looking promising for my sophomore year so far. XD

For one thing, Noni is going to be at my school now (heck, she already moved in since Freshman orientation starts tomorrow XD), and she already met Jason. XD Also, most of my classes are in the buildings that are really close to my dorm, instead of the buildings I have to take a bus from the East side to the West side for. XD" And my new room is on the top floor, so I don't have to worry about having annoying neighbors upstairs like last year. XD

Anyway, I did all my packing today, and my flight leaves early tomorrow morning, so I better get to bed. XD"