August 29th, 2008

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I didn't get to tell you guys about the awesome day I had yesterday due to fangirl spazzing over SUGIZO IN NYC HECK YES, but yeah, yesterday was fun. XD I did go on a Trash and Vaudeville shopping spree finally, and got some awesome new clothes there. =D I'm not much of a clothes shopper, but I love gothic/punk style clothing and was horribly deprived of it until now. XD" Mom took my picture in front of the building because I wanted a picture of me there just like the X Japan one I posted here yesterday. XD

Then mom and I went to the MoMA with Noni, her mom, and her uncle and we all saw the Salvador Dali exhibit. I was surprised at the size of "The Persistence of Memory". Since it's one of his most well-known works, I thought it was going to be big enough to take up a whole wall or something for some reason. XD But it was pretty small. o.o It was still awesome to finally see it in person, though. XD I also found a lot of his lesser-known works really interesting. Like this caricature he did of Groucho Marks as Shiva was very amusing. XD And the eyes he drew for the movie Spellbound were awesome. *_* Oh, and I loved those 3D theater boxes he made. =D He's really great at perspective and use of color in a lot of his work, by the way. XD

Also, I knew he had that one short film (I think it's called "Un Chien Andalou") where in the first minute or so an eyeball gets spliced, but I didn't know that film was his other main thing besides art. o.o He collaborated with other famous people like Alfred Hitchcock, The Marx Brothers, and even Walt Disney! His short film he made with Disney was awesome, even though he apparently only actually animated 15 seconds of it. XD" The rest of the film was completed by a new team of animators in 2003. o.o If you're interested, you can watch it here. ^^