September 16th, 2008


(no subject)

Ack! I was going to enter a fanart contest for Repo on the official forums, but I messed up big time. X_x You see, the contest was announced last week, but the details were only posted today. I assumed it would just be a general Repo fanart contest and all I'd have to do was draw a neat picture of a character or characters (I drew all of the main characters by the way). XD" But the theme of the contest is "fresh, original fan artwork inspired by the music and songs from Repo!" and the first rule states "1. No previous [Repo] images are to be used as a base for the piece". @_@

To be fair, I didn't directly copy from any images, simply using them as reference, and I was listening to Repo music a lot while working on the piece. XD" But I don't think that'll cut it. D=

And I spent hours working on it, too. ;_;

Well, at least this'll open up more time for me to work on my entry for the Sugizo fanart contest. XD