October 8th, 2008

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So I actually found some really awesome MySpace bands. ^^ They all friend-requested me, too, so that's how I found them. XD

Battle Circus: A band from New Zealand that sounds kind of like a mix of Radiohead and Muse with a gothic edge. Really great stuff. =D And they're apparently playing two shows here in NYC this month. XD I might actually go see at least one of them if I can. o.o

aortal: Very gorgeous and unique rock music. *_* Hard to describe, but I absolutely love it. The funny thing is though that I swear I thought the vocalist was a woman at first. XD But it's actually a guy, which kind of makes his voice even more awesome. So far, my favorites by them are "In Light" and "Burn". Oh, and they're from Ireland. =D

Satin Gum: Lol, I love their song titles. To name some examples, there's "Naming Kids Ikea Products", "I Got a DUI Babe", and "Running Red Lights". XDXD They sound so cheerful and fun and quirky. =D And yay for KITTIES (check out the t-shirts and the second half of their top friends list)! XD

So yeah, check all of them out if you can and let me know what you think. XD