October 25th, 2008

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So I met up with khaoskinema304 today. ^^ 'twas fun. =D

Because she's awesome she got me my ticket to go see Repo at NYU this Wednesday (ONLY FOUR DAYS AWAY HECK YES!!11!!). =DDDD But I decided we should go see a movie or something so she wasn't going all that way just to pick up my Repo tickets and drop them off here. XD" So I decided to invite her to go see Saw 5 with me. ^^ She hadn't seen the first four, but I explained things during and after the movie since I'd seen the whole series. XD" Hope it helped. ^^

And it's super windy here today. o.o Both of our umbrellas turned inside-out, like, four or five times at least as we were walking to and from the theater. XD" But yeah, other than that, today was good. XD