November 11th, 2008


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He looks STUNNING. *_* Well, he always does, but something about his new look is just dfdsflasdadadfasfavdsgdgb *fanplodes*

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Can it be Friday already? *_*

Oh, and UROBOROS IS OUT TODAY! =DDD I preordered a copy and paid extra for shipping so it'll arrive by Thursday so I can listen to the album before the concert. XD"

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Things to do before Friday:

* Finish my 6-panel comic for Cartooning class (which is tomorrow from 12:00-3:00) tonight.
* Finish my painting assignment for Thursday (I did most of it, but I need to do the rest tomorrow because I worked on it for about three hours straight and was starting to lose focus XD").
* Read a handout for Psychology class (also on Thursday, from about 12:00-3:00, and Painting is from about 3:00-6:00 by the way).
* Read chapters 16 and 17 for Western Civ (Fridays from about 9:00 to 12:00), which were supposed to have been done last week (heck, 16 was supposed to be done two weeks ago!).
* Write summaries of said chapters.
* Study for Western Civ quiz, which is this Friday and which will be based on chapters 16 and 17 as well as various supplementary reading assignments, which I also still need to read.
* Panic over how ridiculously far behind I am in Western Civ.
* Somehow find time to make gift art for Dir en grey during what little free time I'll have between classes and homework and plans with friends coming in from out of town to go with me to the Diru concert.
* Go see Repo again with my friends from out of town, who haven't seen it yet.
* Try to get some SLEEP.