November 27th, 2008


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Remember a while ago when I said I was getting a Ball Joint Doll? Well, I finally got mine~! =DDD Technically he arrived at my house 2 months ago, but I'd just gone back to NYC for school at the time. XD" But now I'm home for Thanksgiving. =D I'll be bringing him back to NYC too since I'll be able to do the faceup while I'm here. XD" Anyway, I took a bunch of photos. XD Here you go (oh, and the files are huge btw so be warned XD"):

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Oh, and his name is Yoshizo- named after, well, you can probably guess. =P And he's an Iplehouse Barron model. ^_^

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My new haircut sucks. ;_; Well, not so much the cut as the way it was blow dried.

I just hope it settles down soon and looks decent. It's way too fluffy right now. I feel like I'm wearing a 60's cartoon character wig or something. >_>