December 13th, 2008


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I baked a delicious lemon cake with pink lemonade frosting and lemon curd filling last night. =D The lemon cake was from a recipe on Food Network, and the lemon curd was store-bought, but the frosting was my own recipe. ^^ Well, sort of. XD" I bought cream cheese frosting and added some pink lemonade and red food coloring. ^^ I might try making the frosting from scratch next year. =D

There was a Ball Joint Doll meet-up today that I went to with my friend, and I decided to bring the cake there and let everyone know about hide's birthday. XD It was a huge success! I overheard someone in conversation saying "Wow, this is really good cake!". =D And there's enough left over that I can have more later. XD

Here's a picture of it by the way:
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The icing looks sloppy, but that's because the icing tube I bought didn't come with one of those decorating nozzle thingies, so I basically had to wrestle the icing out. XD"

I'm still working on finishing the coloring for the drawing I made for him, and I also plan on watching my "ALIVE" concert DVDs. =D I'll post the drawing here when it's done. <3
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Finished my gift art for hide-sama~! =D

Here. ^^

Let me know if clicking on it to make it bigger works, because for some reason I can't get the Full View to load properly on my computer. D= (Edit- Nevermind, works now. =D)