September 30th, 2011

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I met Alton Brown!!

He was doing a book signing at the Barnes and Noble in Union Square. =3 I also ran into khaoskinema304 there, so we hung out before the Q&A (which was hilarious btw, basically everything Alton said cracked me up XD). Then I had to run around and find a book to get signed and then pay for it because I didn’t bring the books of his that I already had. Doh. But it’s okay because the book I bought has a recipe for candy corn. =D Plus a bunch of other awesome recipes, but that deserved a special mention. =P

So after waiting in line for a while, I finally got to go meet him. We said hi at the same time then shook hands. He complimented my Chrome Hearts shirt (“Nice Chrome Hearts shirt! Expensive, but nice!”), and I told him something like “You’re awesome. You probably hear that a lot but you are”. And he was like “I do hear it a lot, but not enough to believe it yet”. XD Then me and everyone else still in line laughed.

Then I told him his French Toast recipe was the best french toast I’ve ever had (actually said it was “the French” instead of “the best” by accident at first but I corrected myself XD”), and he added “…By a non-French guy”, lol. Then we took a photo. =3 We also said goodnight to each other at the same time. XD”

I’ll post pics later of his autograph and the photo. =)

Also it was raining when I left so I got soaked on the way back to my place, but it was so worth it. And it’s a good thing I happened to have a plastic bag for the book. XD”