October 15th, 2011


(no subject)

So I met Stan Lee, Todd McFarlane, and Jon Goff at New York Comic Con today. Which was pretty awesome. =3 Also I got issues #0-2 of Blood Red Dragon for attending the signing (and got issue 0 signed by Stan, Todd and Jon), and decided to go ahead and give it another chance since I had it now. And despite some of my previous rants in here about it, the comic is actually quite good.

Even though the art is occasionally very wonky, there is some pretty impressive work in there too. And while I was concerned about sexism because of Tracy’s outfit, she’s actually a decent character. Also there’s two other superheroines who help her out and stuff. Though in one issue one of them is named Monica and suddenly in the next issue Tracy calls her Megan, lolwut.

Long story short, despite my reservations I actually think that while it’s not perfect, Blood Red Dragon is still worth checking out, and I apologize to the creators for being so adamantly against it before. ^^”

Oh, and about the stuff I said about trying to get hired to work on the comic? There’s only one issue of it left, so there aren’t any more jobs available, but I’m glad I at least asked about it. XD”

Btw I also saw the premiere of Once Upon a Time at the convention and oh my god it's fantastic so far! Seriously, everyone needs to watch this show. The pilot episode airs on October 23rd at 8 PM on ABC. Watch iiiiiiit.