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And now I can say I've "read" Blood Red Dragon issue 0 thanks to this video on Youtube. XD Some kind person decided to read the comic and hold the pages up while filming it so I didn't have to bother actually getting a copy. =P Also her snarky commentary while reading made the painfully cheesy writing bearable. XD"

Looks like my assessments from yesterday's post were right. Also I knew there was something bugging me about the audience in the first page with the concert, and I figured it out; almost all of them are guys! Wtf, at least half the fanbase in real life are chicks. Guess it's just another example of sexism in this comic. =\ Also inaccurate is the part with the fans complaining about waiting and being in a thunderstorm because irl we're dedicated enough to be all "FUCK THAT SHIT, WE'RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE". =P Also we would be a LOT more concerned if Yoshiki got struck by lightning. D=

And did they really need like 5+ pages at the beginning to drill into our heads how ~*EVUL*~ this "Oblivion" group or whatever is? I mean really, we get it, ok?
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