Becki (beckielric) wrote,

Nope, I haven't abandoned LJ. The main reason I haven't been on here in a while is because my laptop broke. Yup, second one in two years cause I really am that clumsy apparently. =\ Idek exactly how it happened, except that there were already some issues with it, and somehow when I took it with me for my family vacation to Aspen, the screen got cracked. D=

Also I'm pretty sure my copy of Dum Spiro Spero has arrived at my house by now, except that since I'm in Aspen I can't listen until I get back. Furthermore, my parents put the mail on hold, so technically we have to wait another day or two extra. In other words, even though my copy shipped out early, I don't get to actually hear it until the 15th. ;^;

Other than that, my trip's been going pretty well so far. I'm going to be doing a 5-day art workshop next week, and it's being taught by a teacher from my college that I never got the chance to take a class with, but I'd heard lots of good things about him. So I'm excited about that. =3

And in less than a month I get to see Fair to Midland again! =D Not sure if I mentioned yet how amazing Arrows and Anchors is, but it's amazing. Really, really amazing. Also I still think it's neat how the venue I'm seeing them at in Ft. Lauderdale is also the same venue where I saw them open for Dir en grey four years ago. =3
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