Becki (beckielric) wrote,

"Were you worried about the Asperger joke at all? That seemed to garner a strong reaction among some viewers.

No, I wasn't. I think that's something Glee does very well. It talks about and addresses and touches on issues that are very sensitive to most people, but having the issues talked about on such a high-exposure show, it bring things to people's conversation. I like that a lot about Glee.


Okay, there goes any respect I may have had for the actress who plays Sugar. =\

Raising awareness of the issue/"bringing things to people's conversation" means nothing if it's done in a way that reflects it in an extremely negative light, not to mention an inaccurate one.

A lot of people actually missed the part of the joke where Sugar said that she was "self-diagnosed", or maybe heard it and just took it to mean that she actually had Asperger's regardless (while browsing through recaps of this episode of Glee, at least half of them referred to Sugar as "the girl with Asperger's").

Glee has done irreversible damage to the Asperger's/Autism community, and that the actress has no idea how hurtful it was makes it that much worse.
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