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So I've been working on a painting all semester, which I've almost finished. I need to paint the front of a cereal box and the back of a magazine cover, and then I'm done. XD I was looking up more reference pictures for the cereal box, when on Google Image Search, something I had nearly forgotten about and wasn't really related to cereal but that I was still happy to see came up: A picture of a box of Dunkaroos.

Dunkaroos, in case you never encountered them during your childhood, were these graham cracker cookies that you could "dunk" into containers of vanilla or chocolate frosting. And they were delicious. *_*

So because I haven't seen them in the grocery store in years, I decided to buy them from Amazon, which is where the picture had come from. XD" I found a variety pack box (which has both vanilla and chocolate) for $12, but it was another $10 for shipping, so it ended up being around $22. @_@ But there's 24 packs in the box at least. XD

So yeah, yay for kinda-sorta re-living childhood. XD
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