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So on the Iplehouse Q&A boards, I was asking them a bunch of questions over the last week about customizations I want for the wig and the eyes for my new Ball Joint Doll from there. XD" I finally got all of that taken care of, and today I asked if they know when the doll might ship out and arrive at my house. Here's what they said (or part of it anyway XD):

"Our orders are piled up, so in case of you, we can ship to you after the middle of Aug.
When we ship the doll, in general, 4~5 days are needed, as we know.

I'm hoping they mean it takes 4-5 days for it to arrive after they ship it, and not that it takes 4-5 days to prepare it for shipping. XD" I'd like to work on it before going back to NYC at the end of the month. o.o But I'm sure it'll be worth the wait regardless. XD

In other news, the Repo website made a huge update today. =D Go check it out at Best part? THEY HAVE MERCH NOW~! =DDD I totally want this shirt. *_* Sarah Brightman looks gorgeous there, and did I mention it's SARAH BRIGHTMAN? =DDDDD

Speaking of Sarah, she's going to be singing the theme song at the opening ceremonies for the Olympics in Beijing tomorrow! O_O I hope I can find out when the ceremonies will be on American TV so I can see that. *_*

Oh, and I tried Taiyaki today (fish-shaped cakes filled with anko [sweet red bean paste]), and OMG they're so yummy! *_* Sadly, I haven't had much luck with the other Japanese foods I've tried in the last few days. XD" Maybe when I'm finally less of a picky eater and my tastebuds are working properly again, I'll be able to eat it, though. XD
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