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I still can't believe it...

This is all happening so fast. It’s like a horrible nightmare except I can’t wake up. I know the fact that Taiji’s…gone is confirmed now but it still just doesn’t seem REAL to me. Despite that I still turned into a sobbing wreck the moment I saw the reliable sources starting to confirm it…


I always hoped some day I’d get to see him perform live. His bass playing was truly amazing…

He wrote Voiceless Screaming, my first X Japan song...
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So I've been watching a lot of movies lately. It's been kind of a mixed bag; some were really enjoyable, but several were really disappointing. Not only that, but I'm beginning to notice a pattern about the movies I didn't like.

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Edit: Fixed the HTML. XD"
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So it's no secret to most of you that I hate Katy Perry, right? Well, in case anyone here still doubts her prejudiced tendencies (though I doubt anyone who reads this does and I'm probably preaching to the choir, but I still have to get this mini-rant off my chest), I just found this quote from her today, which apparently appears in her most recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine:

“You can’t be a full tranny every day of the week,” Katy Perry says in this week’s Rolling Stone. “That’s an exaggerated part of my personality.”

I'm sorry, what? There are at least several layers of WRONG in that statement.

First, comparing herself to transgendered people or even transvestites in any way is flat out ridiculous. A privileged, rich, conventionally attractive white girl in a costume does not a trans person make, especially since she doesn't even cross-dress. Not to mention that the use of the word "tranny" in place of "transvestite" or "transgender" is a slur. Also, being trans isn't as easy as simply putting on a costume. It is an identity for some people, one they do live with every day and are unfortunately often discriminated against because of it. People like Miss Perry are obviously not helping their cause with grossly uninformed and ignorant statements such as the one above.

This isn't just an isolated incident either. Check this out. A little while ago, she posted a picture on Twitter of a transgendered person and proceeded to mock them.
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So it looks like X Japan's Jade video is finally out!

I attended the video shoot last January and awesomely enough, I'm in the video at least three times. =D I took a few screencaps to prove it.

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Sooo yeah life is awesome. =D Also the song comes out on iTunes, Amazon, etc. (they said "all digital media" or something, so idk if there'll be a CD version, but I'll probably go look for it in stores anyway lol) on June 28th.
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Well this is disappointing. D= I'd already heard the news yesterday about Cee-Lo making that tweet, but I can't believe he didn't think that comment was homophobic. How else is implying that someone gay would be "threatened by his masculinity" supposed to come across then? =\

Worse though is this, namely the comment pointing out that; "His childhood frustrations can be seen in his early-life “hobbies” which included torturing stray animals, beating up homeless people, and mugging pedestrians."

Yeeeeah, there goes any enjoyment I may have derived from his music. Also I wish I hadn't bought his album on iTunes, because now I seriously want my money back. D=

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Lately I noticed two different articles comparing X Japan's sound to, and I quote, "Queen meets Guns 'N Roses meets 'The Matrix'". Now, the first two parts I can understand, but while I love me some Juno Reactor (who did most of the music for the Matrix movies), comparing them with X Japan doesn't make any sense. While they're both awesome, and Sugizo happens to be a member of both bands, their musical styles are vastly different. Juno Reactor is mostly electronica/world fusion, while X Japan songs are usually either metal or classical, sometimes combining the two.

Also I finally started watching Gundam Wing a few days ago, and so far I'm up to episode 19. I like how there's several strong female characters, even if some of them range from mildly annoying (like Relena) to insufferable (like Lady Une, ugh, I just don't like her at alllll. Also isn't she a little old to be wearing those pink ribbons in her hair? =\). Also HELLO RAMPANT SHIPPING POTENTIAL. =D Dude, Trowa/Quatre is practically canon (heck according to Tv Tropes, Quatre IS canonically in love with Trowa in the Latin-American dub), though I also kinda like the idea of Trowa/Heero (at the very least they make good BFFs =3).

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I don't like to wish ill on people, but if Tracy Morgan's career isn't completely over forever after this, I will be pissed.

I think what upset me most was his remarks about bullying and how bully victims were "whiners" and bullying was something "insignificant". Oh really? Tell that to the families of the LGBT teens who committed suicide over it, you fuckwit.

Also the fact that it was part of a standup comedy routine doesn't excuse his hateful words, nor were they in any way funny.

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So now that Gaga's third album is out, I decided I want to do a review. Despite my disdain for the title track, I was still looking forward to checking out the rest of the songs. I got the Amazon version of the album for 99 cents. It didn't have the bonus tracks like iTunes does, but I did download those separately elsewhere to give them a listen.

Star ratings are on a scale of one to five, one being awful and five being awesome.

1. Marry The Night- *** I like the piano intro, but the rest isn't all that interesting to me. It's pretty much a generic dance song.

2. Born This Way- * I've already expressed before that I hate the use of the words "chola" and "orient" in this song, especially given that it's supposed to be a song about tolerance, and using racial slurs here contradicts the message entirely. But even putting that aside, the song itself has nothing remarkable going for it whatsoever. Gaga claimed she wrote this song in ten minutes, and it really shows.

3. Government Hooker- ***** One of my favorites on this album, and probably one of my favorites from Gaga, period. I love the eerie, operatic vocals at the beginning, and the beats kick ass. It's edgy, catchy, and everything about it is just pure awesome. I hope Gaga continues in this direction with her music, because this is the greatness she is capable of.

4. Judas- ***1/2 The second single from this album. I think I'd like this song more if it weren't for the Ju-SQUAWK Ju-SQAWK squawk parts. That just hurts my ears. =\ The rest of the song is fine though, and I love the beat.

5. Americano- ***** Another favorite. Love the Spanish-y sound, and Gaga's voice sounds great. Also loving how half the lyrics are in Spanish. =3 Really catchy and dance-able too.

6. Hair- **** Fourth single (apparently it was released as such like five days after Edge of Glory). I love the beginning, and the rest of the beats are pretty awesome too. Another really catchy one.

7. Sceiße- ***** Yet another favorite, and the one I was most excited for since I heard the remix she used in that fashion show a while back. I especially love the German parts because they sound super awesome.

8. Bloody Mary- ***** Ok, loving the sound of this one. So many great background elements, especially the part at the beginning that repeats throughout the song, and the choir voices (I'm a sucker for that in any song though to be honest XD"). Once again, Gaga at her best, she needs to make more songs that are at this level of awesomeness, etc.

9. Black Jesus + Amen Fashion- **** This wasn't included on the Amazon version of the album because it's a Bonus Track, so I had to download it elsewhere. The intro is pretty cool. The verses are kinda eh but the chorus sounds so awesome that it kinda makes up for it. The other two bonus tracks were "Fashion of His Love" and "The Queen" but both of those were reeeeeally generic-sounding so I'm not gonna bother reviewing them, other than to say I give "Fashion of His Love" 2 and 1/2 stars and "The Queen" 2 stars.

10. Bad Kids- **** Love the edgy almost rock-ish sound of this one in the verses, especially with the guitars. I kinda wish she had kept up that style with the rest of the song though.

11. Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)- ***1/2 This song has good things going for it, especially regarding the beats, but for some reason I'm not as into it as some of her other songs on this album. Maybe it has something to do with the title? I mean, it is a pretty ridiculous title.

12. Heavy Metal Lover- **** This song already had me at the title, given my feelings for a certain Japanese rock star (well ok he's not exactly 'metal', but he did join X Japan recently). ;D Not as metal-y as I expected it to sound, but it's still pretty awesome and has a cool trance feel.

13. Electric Chapel- **** Love the guitar parts. The church bells are a nice touch too. Good song overall.

14. Yoü And I- **** I noticed that for some odd reason, this was included in the Amazon download version, but not on the Bonus Track version of the album. She's been playing this song live for a while, but this is the first time a recorded version has been released. It has a bit more of a rock sound to it compared to the piano-centric live version, but it's pretty good either way (though I think I like the live one slightly better).

15. Edge of Glory- **** Another single. It's got a pretty good chorus, it's catchy and fun, and it really shows off her singing ability. Also digging the saxophone solo and the rest of the instrumental bit in the middle. Good choice for an album closer.

Overall, pretty good stuff. Most of the best songs are the ones that aren't singles, and other than Black Jesus/Amen Fashion, the bonus tracks are pretty forgettable and not really worth the extra money, but Gaga definitely still knows how to write good songs. Her voice does sound eerily like Madonna's sometimes though, but she is the Madonna of this generation, so I guess that makes sense. XD"
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I think it's time I shared about something I've been struggling with for a long time; I'm a very picky eater. I've probably talked about this a little bit in here, but not in any real detail.

As a kid, sometimes my selectiveness got to a point where I would only eat certain brands of certain food items (the main example I remember is that when it came to pasta sauce, I would ONLY have Ragu, and ONLY the Traditional kind). Even if I liked two kinds of foods separately, I often wouldn't like the idea of eating them together as one food item, or even as part of the same meal. If I ordered a burger and it came with the vegetables on top, I would get upset because I could no longer eat it because it would still taste like the veggies (especially with things like pickles or onions). I also had a gag reflex problem when it came to trying new things.

Luckily I've gotten a bit better over the years. I'm no longer restricted by brand names (I may have brand preferences, but I'm still open to trying other ones). I'm more flexible about trying foods together instead of separately. And as for the veggies on burgers, I just calmly move the veggies to the side and will still eat the burger even if the veggies do leave a taste sometimes (the exception being the burgers that have the onions cooked inside, ick). Best of all, I don't get the gag reflex anymore.

But there's still a lot of things about my eating habits that drive people around me nuts. For example, the two food groups I'm pickiest about are meat and vegetables which, unfortunately for me, make up the majority of food.

Specifically, I've noticed that the majority of meat-based dishes involve chicken, pork, or seafood. I only eat beef, turkey, and bison, and sometimes pepperoni on pizza. I don't have any interest in trying any other meats because I would rather be vegetarian than be directly responsible for more types of animals being made into food. I especially have no interest in seafood, because it often involves being even more directly responsible for the animals in question since the seafood is usually still alive until you buy it. Also I never liked the smell of seafood, but that's just trivial. As for meat substitutes, I like soy just fine, but unfortunately after being diagnosed with PCOS and hypothyroidism, my doctors recommended that I stop eating it.

People often offensively claim I'm a hypocrite for eating some kinds of meats, but not all of them. "What's the difference?" they'll ask, even after I explain the above paragraph to them. I can't even count how many times, after explaining that I absolutely refuse to eat any meats besides the ones I eat already, the person I'm speaking to will, without missing a beat, ask me about eating chicken or pork or fish anyway.

Conversely, someone I know re-tweeted something on Twitter about how animal activists who eat meat are also hypocrites and might as well not do anything to help animals (granted this view was espoused by PETA, who are extremists and are going about animal activism all wrong, but I still took offense). The problem is, I can't be vegetarian either because, along with the soy thing I mentioned, I don't like any vegetables. I like tomato-based things such as ketchup and pasta sauce, but not tomatoes. I like cornbread and tortilla chips but not corn (and if it's the kind of cornbread with corn chunks in it, forget it). I like carrot cake and carrot muffins but not carrots. Some of my friends tell me that unless it's whole veggies, it "doesn't count" as vegetable servings, which of course is total bull and doesn't help things at all.

Some of you are probably wondering at this point "So Becki, what do you eat?". Well, I like pretty much all desserts, most breads, most cheese (not interested in cheez whiz, or blue cheese b/c I'm still a bit psyched out by the mold thing, and American cheese is too gooey), yogurt, pasta (with tomato sauce only, and maybe some parmesan cheese on top if it's available), pizza (cheese or pepperoni), burgers, pretzels, potatoes (as well as potato chips and french fries, but strangely enough I'm not a fan of sweet potatoes, unless they're fries or potato chips), tortilla chips, cereal, granola, nuts (except Brazil nuts), bagels, PB+J, grilled cheese sandwiches, cheesesteak, steak (though I don't like when it's too chewy, and I still strongly prefer burgers in most cases), brisket, apples, grapes, smoothies, banana bread, pancakes, french toast, crackers, raisins, popcorn, and maybe a few other things. Not too bad variety-wise all things considered (there are adult picky eaters who are even more limited in what they can eat), but probably not the healthiest diet either.

This would be mostly acceptable if I never left the United States, but I'm also a frequent traveler. In other countries, meat and veggies are even more prominent aspects of the cuisine. I'm a bit worried about my upcoming week-long trip to Spain because of this (according to some research I've been doing, the majority of their cuisine is seafood-based). As much as I love Japan, I've had to go out of my way to find American restaurants both times I went there because Japanese cuisine is the antithesis of what I'm able to eat.

And let's not even get started on how this affects my social life. Again, most of the people I've explained my diet to have reacted rather negatively, and often don't seem to understand where I'm coming from. Many of them act like it's a phase I'll just grow out of, even though I've tried, mostly unsuccessfully, for years to be more flexible about food.

While reading comments in a forum post on the subject of adult picky eating, I noticed one user mentioned they felt negative comments about such a diet were counter-productive and hurtful, but still admitted she could never be in a close relationship with someone who had that kind of issue with food. Other comments were less accepting; one user likened picky eating to not having any manners.

This summer, I plan to make a conscious effort to improve my eating habits so I can be less picky and more open to trying new things. There's certain things I still intend to draw the line at (like the meats), but when it comes to other foods that can help expand my options, both in terms of nutrients and places I'm able to eat at, I'd really like to be able to find a way to make those foods enjoyable instead of panic-inducing. One thing I think might be helpful to me as a first step is the Sneaky Chef cookbook, since it involves adding veggies to food in a way where I won't actually see them in the food.

Also, the issue of picky eating in adults is being more widely discussed in the public sphere, and is even officially being recognized as a disorder. I'm hoping that by raising awareness of the issue, it will also make people more accepting of those who have to deal with picky eating habits, and that maybe we can find a solution.